What Hue Are You?

Written by interior-design  |  29. June 2004

A Guide to Adding Color to Your Home "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep," Scott Adams. Look around with fresh eyes, go for a walk, think back, check your closet, put on your favorite shirt, reference family photos, visit a romantic restaurant, order your favorite dish, eat by candlelight, or just plain start somewhere. We respond to color with our hearts, so choose carefully. Chances are, if you love a color today, you will also love it in 20 years from now. Far From Neutral To obtain a sophisticated look, limit your palate to basic off-whites, pale taupe & subtle touches of cream, accent with browns, rusts & blacks. Be Cool in Blue Blues & greens evoke a country, nautical or tropical feeling. Crisp white is a welcome addition. Turn on the Heat Reds, oranges & yellows create a passionate palate. Purple adds a glamorous glow. Some palates lighten and brighten our moods. Some calm us. What's your reaction? Take a Color Test Drive If you have an idea of a color to start with...experiment with a few different hues. There is no need to paint directly on your precious walls. Paint on a piece of poster board. Move the sample around the room at different times of the day to get an accurate picture of how the light responds. Try squinting your eyes. It changes your perception! Have You Considered? Will all the walls be the same color? Will one main wall be the focal point of the room? What about adjacent room? Hallway? Floor color? Ceiling color? Hint: Ceilings appear higher if painted in a glossy finish. Man Cannot Live by Paint Alone Don't forget to think of colors in your accessories, pillows and area rugs. The addition of texture: rough with the smooth, rugged with the refined, complete the feeling. The Magnificent Mantel Try a mirror, painting, collection of matching items. Consider leaning the painting for a more casual look. Do you prefer symmetrical or an asymmetrical composition? Traditional interiors will look better with a balanced arrangement. Contemporary dcor should be simple, highlighting a few special pieces. The Terrific Table Experiment with untraditional table covers like a throw rug, large scarf or chenille throw. Spruce up your place settings with the addition of a new soup bowl or salad dish in an unexpected color or shape. Novelty cutlery or fun wine glasses add a touch of whimsy and add a new twist to any meal. Sprinkle sequins or flower petals on the table to add color and inspire romance. 2004, Mindy Greenberg, Allied Member ASID

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