Summer Wedding Favors: Do It Yourself!

Looking for a cute summer wedding favor? Check out these DIY ideas!

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As the weather warms up and summer goes into full swing, so does the season of summer weddings! For any of those wedding planners who are still looking for some last minute wedding favor ideas, there are tons of DIY summer wedding projects that your guest will love. With a simple trip to your local craft store you can get all the fixings to make adorable wedding favors to treat your guests with. You can match your favors to your wedding theme or just do something that you find creative! Check out these ideas for some DIY summer wedding favors!

1.     Check your local farm stand:  You can give your guests a taste of local culture by giving them a little bit of it takes home with them! Head out to your local farm stand and see if they have any jellies or honey that they make there or comes locally. If they can order it in bulk then you have a great little gift! Tell your local stand your idea that you want to give away honey or jelly as a gift at your wedding. They will usually be helpful and cater to your needs so see what they can offer you! If you can only get it in bulk then go to your local craft store and get the smallest mason jars you can find. Fill them with the honey or jelly and tie a ribbon (color of your choice) around it for the perfect favor!

2.     Candy Sacks: Summer is the perfect time of year for simple little favors. For a small and cute little favor, simply get jellybeans in your wedding colors and make a little sack of them for your guests! The best thing to use would be burlap. Cut out a square of the burlap, place the beans in the middle and fold all the sides up. Tie it up with a monogrammed ribbon and you’re all set!

3.     Flower Seeds: Many of your wedding guests will be admiring the flowers in your bouquet as you walk down the aisle, so why not give them some to take home? In tiny flowerpots, give out the seeds for the flowers in your bouquet to your guests! You can give them pre-planted, as in having the soil in the pot already, or just place a couple seeds in the pot. If you leave out the soil then tie a monogrammed ribbon around the pot. If you choose to put soil in, the stick a little pick with your initials attached into the dirt. Your guests will love it!

4.     Candles: These are the best wedding favors for a beach wedding. Head out to your local craft store and buy in a bunch of tea light candles in bulk. The candleholder is where you can get creative. You can make sand holders, find little boat holders, and tons more either in DIY projects or looking online. You can also take bigger candles and glue little shells to them, wrap them up and tie with a ribbon!

5.     Ice Cream Kit in a Jar: Summer is obviously the best time to indulge in your favorite cold treat, ice cream! If you want to give your guests a little treat to take home, simply give them ice cream in a jar! Take sugar, vanilla powder, and creamer packets and put them together in a plastic bag. Line the bottom of mason jar with rock salt then place the bag into the jar. Combine the ice cream ingredients in their bag, add some ice to the rock salt, and shake vigorously when you want to make the ice cream!