Target Marketing

Written by Debra Scala Giokas  |  26. June 2001

Last month, one of our readers asked if I could help her target the senior market. I suggested the newspaper, Senior News. Which brings me to this month's topic: target marketing. In recession times, we all know that one of the first departments to go is marketing. Often seen as overhead, it is management's first choice. We marketers know that in order to make money, we need to spend money. But we need to spend our money wisely. With thought. With control. With planning. Target marketing is the key to creating a successful campaign. Before you decide to spend your hard earned dollars, figure out who your target market is. Then ask yourself the following questions: 1) what do they read? 2) where do they go? 3) what are their hobbies? 4) what associations do they belong to? 5) who do you know who can help you get access to them? The more you understand your audience, the more powerful your message will be. When you cast your net into that wide ocean, you will surely catch some fish if you have the right bait. Whether fishing, boating, beaching, or shopping these days, have a wonderful summer and a Happy Fourth of July! Interested in learning how to increase your own visibility in your profession? Consider taking my 2-hour class on August 13th at Hofstra University. Call for a brochure (516-463-5998) or visit the website at www.hofstra.edu/continuinglearner. And don't miss July's book review on www.liwomen.com.

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