Written by Nick Christophers  |  25. June 2006

by Nick Christophers From a young age Lainie Copicotto had a knack for music. Her mother was a big influence especially since she implored her to take up the flute. Not only was her mother an inspiration so was her stepsister Tracy, who in her own way introduced Lainie to the world of clubs. During the hey-day of disco Tracy brought Lainie along one night to the famous Limelight. Lainie at the time was about 13 years old. But since her sister knew people there she got her sister in. Lainie was so enamored with the club scene that she eventually became a "flier gal". " I was the one who would shove club fliers in your face on the corners of Manhattan," Lainie explains with a chuckle. After five years she went into booking Deejays and promoting her own parties. At the same time she was on her way to completing her BA in Advertising & Marketing with an emphasis on music. But as time progressed so did the club scene. " The clubs started changing and I went on to working in a recording studio called Real Time Studios. Unfortunately, tragedy struck for all Americans, the shock of 9/11. Everything seemed to come to a stand still in the club world. With that a close friend and I began to work together on what was called ClubPlanet.com." The site offered opportunities for others to promote their products on line, if it were parties, concerts or music. She stayed on board at Club Planet for two years until she founded Aurelia Entertainment. The company is about four years old now. It runs under the same game plan as Club Planet was but at a more higher scale. One of her most prominent clients is Deejay Paul Van Dyke. " He is one of the most innovative Deejays I know. As for corporate clients I would say Ultra is my favorite. They make it possible for Dance music to survive. The sound of New York is dance music." When it comes to scooping for her favorite club that still seems to stand out amongst the rest. Lainie definitely chose Crobar as the best candidate. " It still has the aura of the old clubs with the different rooms with different kinds of atmosphere." Besides clubs Lainie's company has also branched out into film. For example in the film " Monster" her client Paul Van Dyke's tracks were featured on the soundtrack. What her company deals with is promoting Deejays and high-level events. One of the events that they are involved with is the Ultra Music Festival, which is staged in Miami and New York. The last one offered the likes of Robbie Rivera, Paul Van Dyke , DJ Pulash and others. In Miami, Lainie explained there were at least 40 thousand screaming fans there if not more. " It was insane to see so many people together with one purpose only, but to dance." This year on September 9th they will be hosting the Second Annual New York version in Central Park. Recently with the backing of the Armani Exchange they held a promotion for some of her Deejays. They were DJ Rabb, Junior Deck and Roger Sanchez. It was a great success. The Deejays CD's were being promoted right in the store. Lainie hopes to keep the beat of dance music alive and to live up to her desire to always search for new talent to promote and turn into a success.

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