Storm Runoff Closes Or Limits Swimming At 35 Long Island Beaches

Written by Long Island  |  24. June 2011

Were you planning on going to the beach this weekend? If so, you better check ahead because The Suffolk County Health Department has issued an advisory against swimming at 22 beaches and closed 1 beach, while Nassau County has closed 13 beaches. The reason according to Officials is that the runoff from the recent storms could push bacterial levels in the water beyond healthy limits. The department recommends that bathing and other water contact be suspended in affected areas until the waters have been flushed by two successive tidal cycles, at least a 24-hour period, after the cessation of rainfall. If sampling done by the department finds that the elevated bacterial numbers have returned to normal beyond the 24-hour period, this advisory will be rescinded at 8 p.m. Friday. For beach enthusiasts, this is the best news for the first weekend of summer. If it's any consolation, the weather will likely not be ideal for Saturday, so the news is potentially only half bad. For the latest information on affected beaches, call the Bathing Beach hotline at (631) 852-5822, contact the Department's Office of Ecology at 852-5760 during normal business hours, or visit www.SuffolkCountyNY.gov/health and click on "Beach Advisories and Closures" in the "Popular Links" section.

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