Nassau County And Long Island Need A New Coliseum

Written by Long Island  |  22. June 2011

There are probably one hundred reasons for Nassau County residence to vote against building a new arena at the site of Nassau Coliseum, but there is one big reason they should vote for it- we need it. We need the New York Islanders. Long Island has a population of approximately 3 million people and the Islanders are our lone professional top tier major sport team. As a life long Islander fan (I was there is season one), they have brought us great pride and in reason years, sorrow, but they have always been our team. Sure,maybe the dollars and cents of this project don't make all the sense in the world. We are suffering through the worst recession in modern times. But this will create jobs and give us a central cultural location that we can be proud of. If you build it, they will come. The Islanders used to sell out every game. That was before the players stopped wanting to be here and a big reason is the Coliseum. Charles Wang has thrown millions of dollars into this team as they have lost money year after year. He could have packed them up and moved them someplace else. Or, he could have sold the team. But he's a Long Islander and he wants to see the team thrive right here. And it's not just about hockey. An attractive arena will bring more top flight attractions. With all the money we have spent over the years, let's suck this up and do this project. In the long run, we will get our money back in folds. Go out on August 1 and vote to allow this project to go forward. We deserve it.

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