New Things for Shark Fishermen

Written by recreationalfishing  |  22. June 2002

New Things For Shark Fishermen Offshore anglers and shark fishermen are always looking for products to give them an edge. I found one in particular and another to help those that want to shark fish but are hesitant because of seasickness. FLOATING CHUM BAG. This terrific new product offers a floating chum bag, guaranteed not to sink! How many times have you been fishing offshore when you notice your chum bag is headed for the bottom? There goes your bag and a bucket of chum. With the new Chum Buddy from Bluewater Inc. This will never happen again. This is the only chum bag that floats. Not only will you keep your bag, more importantly you'll keep your slick when fighting a fish. No matter how far you drift off while fighting large sharks, you can get right back on your chum slick with the floating Chum Buddy bag. Instead of bringing in your bag, you can disconnect it and have one of your crew keep an eye on it or punch in a GPS #. When your fish is landed just go back to your bag and pick up the slick. With 2 bags you can even fish both sides of a wreck. You can drop one, drift a while and drop another keeping the chum slick strong and productive. Call Chum Buddy at 1-800-675-5058, or E-Mail jltbindery@aol.com RELIEF BAND. The Relief Band is a small medical device incorporated into a wristband, worn on the underside of the wrist like a watch. It provides relief from seasickness caused nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness, by gentle electrical stimulation of nerves in the wrist. Place the device on your wrist before or after motion sickness symptoms appear. Use it for as long as your symptoms last. Batteries are replaceable. No prescription necessary. There are no side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and others associated with current motion remedies. You actually feel it working, a tingling sensation is felt in the palm of the hand and middle fingers, when the device is positioned correctly on the underside of the wrist. For additional information about the product log on to www.scrippharmacy.com.

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