Summer Concerts........A great place to meet people

Written by lisingles  |  21. June 2001

Ok, so summer is now in full effect since as of today (June 21st) it's officially summer! And yes the clubs are hoppin'. Out east is Boppin', and for those of you who are going to some concerts - the summer is rockin'! I myself just went to an entire week of Dave Matthews Band Shows. All 3 at the Meadowlands, and 1 of the 2 nights at Foxboro Stadium in Massachusetts. And while I was at these concerts it became very clear to me how easy and fun it is to meet people at concerts. Now Tailgating (the act of partying in a parking lot hours before a concert actually starts) is one of the best ways. Over the 3 days at Giants Stadium I met people from New Jersey, Conneticut, New York and even Virginia! And all it takes is a simple - "hey". I exchanged numbers with several people to meet up with as the year progresses, and so we can meet up next year to all tailgate together again. Now I know it seems weird to walk up to someone you don't know and start a conversation - but isn't that how all relationships start - friendship or otherwise? So next time you go to a concert (my next one is the Dysfunctional Family Picnic this Friday at Jones Beach) Just walk up to someone, say hi, and get to know each other. So now that you know summer concerts are a great thing and should be taken full advantage of, I would like to say this. Normally when I write on this page I use it to discuss womanly things, or give womanly advice so this weekend I have decided to see how the other half lives. I will be going to Habitat this Saturday in Smithtown. (For those in the dark - Habitat is a strip club, or as Al Bundy would say; The Nudy Bar) Now this isn't something I've done before, so I'm kind of excited to see what exactly it is that men get all worked up about. It's 23 and over for men, but since I'm a woman it's apparently no problem with just being 21. So I will DEFINITELY write on Monday to tell you all how it is. Plus on Sunday I'm taking my first ever visit to the Boardy Barn out east. And from what I've been told -- I'll need a change of clothes. Oh, and just so you know (it's completely off the topic) -- but you guys should definitely pick-up the new Sugar Ray album, Stone Temple Pilots album, and D12 (Eminem's group) album. They are good music for cruisin' the strip for guys or girls in the summer! Happy partying, and remember if there is a place you think I'm missing on the Island that deserves some coverage; E-MAIL ME!

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