The Summer of Me

Written by lisingles  |  20. June 2004

Summer is here, the weather has been somewhat cooperating with my barely there tops I enjoy wearing, and the boys seem to be a plenty. Seems like everyone is single come summertime - at least I hope all those boys I've been kissing are single. See, this summer is about me. And not in a selfish I'm going to be a snobby bitch sort of way. Its more of a "I'm going to conquer the world with my fabulousness" sort of way. And it all stems from confidence. Sure, those of you who have read my columns know confidence is something I severely lack. However, I've discovered something about me and my deflated self-esteem recently while I was watching the movie 'Bridget Jones's Diary'. I am Bridget Jones! Its true. I obsess about my weight, and my looks and wonder constantly if I'm good enough for the one person I desire who doesn't even know I exist. Yet for all the worrying about that one person, I have forgotten the most important person, myself. From now on my own happiness is what I am about, not that of someone else. And its given me this insane boost of Sassiness when I go out to bars and clubs and even to stores. I say what I want when I want, and I make no apologies, because why should I? I'm more fabulous than anyone I know - no matter what weight the scale says I am, or what the Media and Hollywood say the prettiest girl should look like. I am me - no more and no less. And I like that power of being confident. So I've begun to use it. I've been talking to whomever whenever and loving every second of it. No longer do I sit in the corner and long to be the leggy blonde, or the petite brunette. Secretly I wish that they could be me, so they could know how great it feels to be me. And it is great. How many women today that are single really love themselves enough to not accept bull**** as a form of flattery? Not many that I know. See in B. J. D. there are two males in her life. The Hugh Grant, and the Colin Firth. Now what women doesn't want a Hugh Grant? Sexy, charming, a smile, a cute butt, and a personality larger than life. But at the same time, what's so wrong with Colin Firth? Stable, levelheaded, cute in his own quirky way, witty, charming, and most of all down to earth. Its a classic Bad Guys vs. Nice guys in a sense. And though I'll always love me a bad boy, maybe its time to take a nice guy, but not TOO nice. That would ultimately be boring and I would possibly cry. But this confidence thing, its given me the SASS I need to have an incredible time this summer. Dressing up, going out, enjoying myself non stop, having fun with my friends and looking fine, that's on my agenda this year. And frankly, I say its about time. Its the summer of ME and its going to be a good one. Just remember to keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times and fasten your seatbelt securely...and most importantly hold on!

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