ADD / ADHD and Karate Class

Written by karate  |  19. June 2005

Just recently I have noticed mainline publications and trade magazines report on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in relationship to karate class.The reports are all in favor of the kind of training and positive reinforcement that happens in karate class.ADD and ADHD is the most common diagnosed disorder among children today. Many new studies show this in older teens and adults as well. In my school as Im sure as in most karate schools we stress physical fitness, self esteem focus and goal achievment. We also incorporate relaxation and meditation skills in our class routine. By increasing their physical abilities and enhancing self esteem. ADD and ADHD students mainstream in our karate classes with no problem. I have heard many times from parents that we have been recommended by their physicians. In our school in Deer Park , students who have been diagnosed with this disorder train side by side with all other students in every facet of karate training. Highest Regards in the Martial Arts, MJ Bertucci Questions or Comments / email AAofSD@aol.com "A teacher can only open the door- its up to the student to walk through it.

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