Use yoga to take a vacation at the office.

Written by yoga-meditation  |  18. June 2004

How to Vacation at the Office Now that Memorial Day has unofficially kicked off summer, chances are that many of you are planning vacations. It's time to escape from workplace stress, traffic jams, and the winter blues. Wouldn't it be wonderful to take a mini vacation, each day, at the office? Actually, you can. If you incorporate some simple yoga postures, while at work, you can use that time to rest your body and invigorate your spirit - inconspicuously. Here are two tips: 1) Practice good posture. Good posture will work miracles for you. To eliminate lower back pain and to lift your spirits, align your body. Sit on your sit bones. Straighten your back. Expand your chest. Observe how your shoulders, neck and head rise and align. Continue to lift your spine in a straight line, all the way to your head. Let your shoulders relax. Soften your jaw, lower your chin and take a few calm breaths. This will build your body and strengthen your sense of self. 2) Try neck openers. Keeping your head level, inhale and turn your head to the left as far as you can, exhale turning your head to the left as far as you can. Do this three times in both directions. Then lift your chin as high up as you can, inhaling, and exhale lowering your chin to your chest as far as you can. Repeat three times in both directions. This action will release your tense neck and shoulders giving you more mobility and freedom, clearing your head of confusion and clutter. By incorporating these two stretches into your workday, you will treat yourself and become refreshed. Vacations are fantastic and one of life's joys. But the overall feeling of good health shouldn't be calendared in twice a year. Enjoy the benefits of yoga every day. Namaste. About the Author: Angela Benevenuto is the Director of Inner Light Yoga Studio, which is located at 2 South Main Street in Sayville, LI, NY. A longtime Sayville resident, Angela began studying yoga years ago while attending New York University. She is first and foremost a yoga student who welcomes her students to enjoy the journey and the many gifts yoga brings. Her web site is located at www.innerlightyoga.net, and she may be reached at (631) 563-0007.

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