Getting To Know Kings Park as Kings Park Day Approaches

Written by Long Island  |  17. June 2011

“It isn’t just a bunch of people and trees, houses and playgrounds; it’s a community built on hope, generosity and kindness” A place of comfort, a town filled with generous people and beautiful parks, Kings Park was established as a town of Smithtown in 1869. Home to about 15, 000 people, this quiet and secluded town has been my home since I was born. No one really knows about this small town because it hardly attracts visitors. There isn’t much to do since sure, one can walk up and down Main Street and visit all the mom-and-pop shops and grab some ice cream for the road but then again, barely no one knows where it is. When I went to college and friends asked where I was from, the name “Kings Park” brought some familiar responses: “What is that?” or “I have no idea where that is.” The folks who live here enjoy the beauty of the town parks: Sunken Meadow, Nissequogue, CY Donnelly and various smaller ones embedded in the village. “It is a serene place to visit” said one town member. And indeed Kings Park is ideal for the landscape and the beaches are great too. The one aspect of my small town that can never be replaced is the closeness of the people and how everyone gets along. Neighbors, classmates, friends; everyone is friendly and always willing to help out. The community support is fantastic. Everyone supports each other and Kings Park Day is a great event that allows the town to come together and celebrate the people and our home. Kings Park Day this year will be on Saturday June 18, 2011. Hearts of gold, with kindness and hospitality to give; the people of the town of Kings Park are more than just neighbors, we are a community. About the author: Amanda Adragna- "I am a sophomore at Long Island University: C.W. Post studying English and Italian Education. Writing is a hobby of mine and I am very close with my family. I live in the small town of Kings Park and am always looking for exciting ideas to write about."

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