Summer Camp Crafts for Kids to do at Home

Whether your kids go to camp or not, these activities are sure to be a hit with young kids and teens alike.

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Everyone remembers their experiences at summer camps: sun, outdoor games, and plenty and plenty of crafts.  Today’s camp crafts are still quite similar to the classic crafts we all made as kids, but some have a new twist, such as the fun loop phenomenon that began last year.  Be sure to shop the sales at craft stores like Michaels and A.C. Moore, which both have coupons in their circulars and online.  Whether your child is attending camp or staying home for the summer, stock up on some of these supplies to keep them busy and away from the television screen, especially on a rainy day. 

Fun Loops/Rainbow Loom: Those little rubber bands that were called fun loops or rainbow loops were all the rage a few short months ago.  Start up the trend again, or challenge your kids to try more challenging designs. 

Friendship Bracelets: Stock up on plenty of embroidery floss in a full rainbow of colors, and your kids will sure to be busy for hours making friendship bracelets for everyone they know. There are many detailed steps to these bracelets, but once learned, they will become second nature to your kids.  Take a look at WikiHow for some videos that will help you design your first friendship bracelet.

Beaded Keychains: Who hasn’t given or received a beaded lizard keychain in their lifetime?  These cute and fun keychains only require string, pony beads, and a key ring.  Your child can also get creative with them and make other kinds of designs besides the popular lizard, such as a cat, an owl, or even characters from their favorite movies. 

Tie-Dye Shirts:  Tie dying is a hit with all children, young and old.  You will need a white shirt, rubber bands, and dye for tie-dying, which can be bought at craft stores like Michaels and A.C. Moore.  Roll up or swirl your shirt and bunch it up in different areas with the rubber bands to get cool color effects.  Be sure to cover your work area with plastic sheeting or a garbage bag so that the dye will not stain the table or floor. Follow the tie-dying directions on the dye, as some dyes are different and will require different degrees of preparation to achieve the best colors.

Plaster of Paris Shell Casting: Remember collecting shells on the beach and making artsy castings of them with sand and plaster of Paris?  This is a great activity that you can do after a trip to the beach, and you can even include more than shells – try finding beach glass, small twigs and pieces of driftwood, and even beach grasses that you can incorporate into your creation.

DIY Wind Chimes: Upcycle old soup or soda cans and paint neat designs on them to make a new beautiful creation to hang outside using yarn.  For more of a beachy feel, use seashells for your wind chime, and search for shells that already have holes in them from starfish or oyster drills, so all you have to do is thread some string or yarn through the shells and hang them outside in a spot where they will catch a nice breeze.