Getting A Job on Long Island

Written by Long Island  |  13. June 2011

Long Island Jobs, Part 1 A great way to find a job is through job fairs. If you are a professional searching for a job that matches your career interests or even looking to change your direction of interest all together, job fairs offer the resources to do so. The website Choice Career Fairs lists times and dates of upcoming career fairs on Long Island, which is helpful in the job search and can give serve as a push in the right direction while looking for a job. A new era in searching for jobs is online job fairs, which allow you to search for a job on the internet. More recently, big companies have been using online job fairs in order to search for employees. One of the most popular websites that does this is ejobfairs. At ejobfairs, job seekers are given the opportunities to search for jobs the same they would at a traditional job fair, only at the convenience desired and from the comfort of home or anywhere else a job seeker may be. It’s free and easy to use. If there is a posted job you are interested in, you may contact the company and set up a face to face interview. This easy to use site allows you to search more freely and easily, cutting down travel costs of going from company to company looking for job opportunities before narrowing down options. For younger people searching for jobs, the online application has become an easier way to apply for a job, especially at retail stores. The majority of companies are beginning to use these, which cuts down the use of paper and is more efficient while going through applicants for the company, because of the condensed style of the online application (eliminates loose sheets of paper). Just because its summer doesn’t mean you should get discouraged from the job market. The best way to expand your network is by continuing to meet people who are goal-oriented like yourself. Interview Tips: The interview for a company is what will show them that you are truly interested in working for them. Even though some of the questions asked at interviews may seem generic and as if they have obvious answers, always make sure that your answers are personalized. By preparing beforehand for your interview, it may calm nerves, which will in turn make you appear less nervous, more confident and ready for your interview. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed for an interview. Looking professional is important in order to be taken seriously.

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