Happy Birthday America!

Written by karaoke  |  12. June 2002

I hope you all had a safe and fun 4th! I sure did but that weather....ugh!!! I think I lost a few layers of skin from the backs of my legs from sticking to everything. One of the nice things about summer is that many bars have added a patio of sorts to create more comfortable room to hang out in. One that comes to mind is Callahans, And hey! What do you know? They also offer Karaoke!!!! Callahans (Hempstead Tpke. by Home Depot in East Meadow. In the shopping center.) has changed their schedule for the summer. They have gone from thursdays and fridays to thursdays and SATURDAYS through the end of August. Stop on down there and say howdy to Carol when you give her your song slip! **************************** I would still LOVE to see some bar owners get in on Karaoke and at least TRY doing what they do in other states. Have the Karaoke start at 6 or 7 PM and go on through 10 PM and then have their live bands start! It works out great! I've seen it and no one has Ever regretted doing it! OK, that's it for this week, except, Hey Nassau! WE NEED MORE KARAOKE! Till next time, keep singin', have a great time and do it intelligently! Don't forget that you can access my websites for the listings of Karaoke on LI @ www.pages.ivillage.com/onekaraokequeen And for New Jersey (where the karaoke never ends!) at: www.karaokenj.com If you have any questions or comments, you can reach me at: OneKaraokeQueen@aol.com Have fun folks! That's what it's all about! Bye for now, Sue : ) One more thing, if you would like to visit another one of my websites that offers a plethora of websites to visit, check out: www.pages.ivillage.com/moonshine25 You won't regret it...unless you're trying to spend Less time on the good ol' computer! Have fun : )

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