Marketing on the Greens

Written by Debra Scala Giokas  |  11. June 2002

With the US Open being held in our background, I couldn't resist the temptation to write about golf. Yes, it's that time of year to get reacquainted with your swing so that you can get reacquainted with your business contacts. From March until October, Long Islanders take to the greens--and if golfing for business development is your true intent, then you must be prepared to make the most of your time away from the office. So that the only contact you make isn't with the golf ball, here are five tips: 1)Keep your eye on the ball. Before you commit to attending a golf outing, make sure that your funds will go to a charitable cause you care about and that you will be able to meet key people in your present and potential network. If you volunteer to serve on the golf committee, you will be able to invite your top clients or customers and your wish list of prospects. 2)Your short game can make the difference. Good golfers know that the short game gives them an advantage. Invest the time in sending a handwritten thank you note or making that extra call just to tell someone that they are on your mind. It's the little things that will be remembered and that will make you a winner. 3)Read the tee signs. Take advantage of the opportunities available to showcase your company and logo. Commit to a journal ad or a tee sign. Don't attend outings without letting everyone know you are there. 4)Have patience. As a golfer you already know that you must have patience with yourself. The game is about time and practice. Practice the art of networking at every golf outing you attend, and over time, your patience will pay off in new business. 5)Follow-through. Follow through with your promises. If you met new prospects and said you would keep in touch. Don't drop the ball. Call and make a lunch date. If you don't follow-up and add your new contacts in your rolodex, Microsoft Outlook program, or contact management system, you have lost an opportunity. Enjoy this year's golf season on Long Island and good luck in all of your networking endeavors.

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