About Jones Beach

Written by Long Island  |  10. June 2011

For Long Islanders, an ideal spot to go relax, have fun and enjoy the sun is Jones Beach. Located in Wantagh, Jones Beach spans over 10 miles of beaches. Jones Beach is known for its great sandy beaches and its popular music theater, Nikon at Jones Beach Theater. Nikon at Jones Beach Theater is popular for headlining major artists during the summer months. The outdoor stadium is one of the two major outdoor arenas in the New York City Metropolitan Area and can sit 15,200. Other entertainment provided by Jones Beach is the New York Air Show, held every Memorial Day Weekend. It is one of the largest air shows in the United States. Besides being known for great music and entertainment, Jones Beach is known as the most popular beach on the East Coast. Jones Beach is easily accessible by car, with parking only costing $10 a day if a season pass is not purchased. If you plan on taking multiple trips to the beach during the summer, you can save by purchasing the Empire Passport. This provides an annual pass which offers unlimited use of your vehicle at most New York State parks for $65. There are enough parking spaces for up to 25,000 visitors. Besides the vast amount of beaches, Jones Beach also has a pool, which is generally open all week long. Other than the multiple concession stands located on the boardwalk, there is also a Friendly’s located on the upper level of the West Bath House. For parents with children, you will probably want to locate at Field 6. Field 6 has the shortest walk from the parking lot to the ocean and also leads you directly to the boardwalk. Although spots for the popular field fill up quickly, by the afternoon it begins to empty out again, making room for more beach-goers. Field 2 is very similar to 6, only on the opposite end so, if you don’t get a spot at 6, there is always another option. Field 4 is one of the most popular for everyone, due to its amount of sunbathers, as well as its mini-golf, beach volleyball, first aid center and concession stands. For your safety and others, lifeguards are on duty from May 29th-September 6th.

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