Are you UNEMPLOYED, a Recent Graduate or contemplating a CAREER CHANGE?

Written by job-strategies  |  08. June 2007

Michael Coritsidis, Long Island's Job Ready Strategist is back with his "Seven Steps to Employment Success Power System." Before we start, I want to extend an open invitation to all members, family and friends to be an active participant with my past, present and future job ready prep articles. If you have any questions, thoughts and comments, I welcome you to contact me and it's absolutely FREE! Today we will continue to discuss the most frequently asked interview questions. The question(s) is: Tell me why should we hire you? Tell us a little bit about yourself? Are the questions the same or different? In my opinion, they are the same. Your response will be the same. The key to remember about these two questions are, HARD and SOFT Skills. Begin first with your hard and conclude with you soft skills. Hard Skills: Those qualities that you acquire from formal education, certification, training or hands-on experience. Hard skills are what you know how to do. Example: Computer, Painting, Waxing, Driving, Buffing, Accounting, Construction, Maintenance, can you think of more? Soft Skills: Those qualities that describe who you are as a person. Soft skills make up your character. Example: Fast learner, punctual, hard worker, team player, personable, can you think of more? Finish with the Interview Triangle Close (hard/soft skills and close). Is this the quality of person you are seeking to hire for the position of Human Resources Director for ABC Company? Master my "The Seven Steps to Employment Success Power System" and master your destiny. Questions, thoughts, comments, feel free to contact me.

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