Ask Me Elyse: Who Do You Choose As A Houseguest If You Have A Big Event And Limited Space?

Written by Esther Forrester  |  05. June 2013

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Dear Elyse,

I'm hosting a big family reunion and have many out of town guests coming to visit. There are two sets of relatives that would like to stay at my place and I only have the means to accommodate one of them. One set of relatives is a little difficult to deal with because they are loud and have quirky eating habits but I know that it would be a stretch for them to pay for the hotel. The other set of relatives has plenty of money and can afford to stay at a hotel but they want to stay at my place because we are very close. Who do I let stay at my place?

Yours, Stumped for Picking a Guest


Dear Stumped for a Picking a Guest,

Kudos to you for even considering the quirky pauper relatives. It shows that you have empathy. If you enjoy the other set of relatives more I would recommend trying to find a friend who will host your poor, quirky relatives gratis or for a nominal fee.  That way you are helping your relatives save money yet you don't have to deal with them. In addition, they will probably be more polite to strangers than they would be towards you. Good luck!

Yours, Elyse


Elyse Bradshaw Seinfeld is a writer living on Long Island. She is working on her first book, Stripper on The Loose which will be coming out soon. She considers herself a student of life: from her experiences as a recruiter, a student advisor, a masseuse, a chef, a tennis professional, and a radio show booker, she has seen and lived it all! For more of Elyse's helpful tips, be sure to check out her blog, at AskMeEylse.Blogspot.com.

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