Celebrate Fruit & Veggie Month at a Farmer's Market

Written by Debbi Spiegel  |  01. June 2013

Every single month of the year has a "National _______ Month" designation. I think every day has celebrates something. June has a few celebrations, and National Fruit and Vegetable Month is the tastiest one of them.  Of course, you should eat a lot of fruit and vegetables all year round, but if one month can get you going, then it's a good thing. June is usually the month when the Farmer's Markets and farm stands have lots of local produce to sell.

Farmer's markets feature locally grown, seasonal and delicious farm-fresh food.  Many of the products are organic, chemical-free and naturally grown. Some markets also offer meats, fish, baked goods, handcrafted beverages, gourmet confections, assorted landscaping stock, fine crafts and more. Ease in to your weekend as you shop the local goods.

There's just something about a farmers' market that inspires even the pickiest eater to try something new.  Bring reusable bags so that you can comfortably tote your bounty and bring your appetite so you can snack while you shop!

We’ve rounded up local farmers’ markets that are sure to supply your family with delicious locally grown fruits and vegetables.

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