Written by beauty  |  31. May 2001

Beat the heat this summer! Beauty Trends to keep you cool even when it's hot outside. Sheer Indulgence- This summer, you can't go wrong with a sheer, natural look. Not only is it easy to achieve but it only takes a few minutes to apply! Try Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Dual Perfection Makeup. Use wet for a dramatic look or dry to create a beautiful sheer finish. For a subtle glow, try Z New York's Blush Rouge Gel. It is an ultra-sheer, believable blush that lasts and lasts! With a sheer lipstick also by Z New York you can complete your natural look in seven beautiful shades; one for every day of the week! Fun in the Sun- Everyone likes to have a sunkissed look in the summer, but be sure to do it safely! If you are in the sun during the peak hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you'll need to protect yourself with Avon Skin So Soft.It has an SPF 30 and a bug repellant too! The best way to give yourself a glow without the damaging effects of the sun is with a self-tanner like Coppertone's Endless Summer. This product actually has two lotions, a moisturizer and a tanner, that mix together to create a beautiful, natural, even tan. For a quick fix, Z New York's Bronzer is flattering to any skin color and can be applied with a light or heavy touch depending on the look you are trying to a achieve. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow- Show off those legs! Get rid of unwanted hair with Hair Off Warm Wax Hair Remover. This chemical-free product leaves you without nicks, stubble, pain or mess. Follow up with Bikini Zone to banish unsightly bumps and irritation. And to remove those stray hairs or pluck your eyebrows Tweezerman's slant tweezers are Oprah's favorites! Time to Shine- Glitter is everywhere this summer, you will find it in makeup, body gel, and even in sunscreen! For a fun, shimmery look for your face, try Pupa's Techno Kit. This purse-sized kit contains metallic eyeshadows, lip lacquer and lip glosses, a highlighting pencil and bronzing powder. For an all-over sparkle, Girlstuff Birthstone Body Gems (featured in Sixteen magazine) come in a sparkling array of 12 birthstones, each with a positive personal message based on your birth month! Feel like a star with Sungirl's Glitter Sunscreen in a rainbow of six colors, each with a unique scent. Women of all ages love this product including Britney Spears and Rebecca Romjin-Stamos! Carefree Curls- Even though Summer brings lots of great things, it has a down side - humidity! Keep hair in control when the weather isn't, with amazing products from Pro-Vitamin and Got2B. For added moisture, shine, and fresh scent try J F Lazartigue's Orchid Shampoo. To help keep curls in control, Solano's Flat Iron gives you a super-straight look. This season, let your hair down. Feel free and sexy with a playful, tousled look and show your natural beauty this summer! Wendy is Cosmetic Mall's beauty maven who keeps up with all of the latest trends in cosmetics. You can email her at Wendy@Cosmeticmall.com.

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