Top 6 Most Romantic Ways To Propose

Written by wedding-planning  |  28. May 2006

Article by Michelle O'Connor, Limousine Service Los Angeles Certainly, one of the first essential tasks of any groom-to-be is to determine a way to propose to his beloved. There are certainly any number of exciting, memorable ways to perform a proposal. Here are some of the most elegant, romantic methods to get your girl to say "yes": Recreate your first date. This will bring back a flood of fond memories and will put her in the right mood for your proposal. Chances are she'll also appreciate your thoughtfulness in trying to recreate that special experience. Plan a surprise picnic. Consider taking your beloved to the woods or to a beach for a romantic picnic. At the picnic site, you might consider spelling out the words "Marry me" with stones or seashells. Bring out the bubbly. During dinner, serve your girlfriend a glass of champagne with the engagement ring in the bottom of the glass. You're then in a perfect position to toast your future together. It's hard for a girl to pass up a ring when it comes in such elegant packaging. Pop the question in a cookie. Consider dining together at your favorite Chinese restaurant. Have the waiter serve her a fortune cookie with "Will you marry me?" hidden inside. It's the type of dessert she'll never forget. The Christmas tree proposal. At Christmas, invite her over to your place to view your Christmas tree. Make sure that the tree is lighted, but has only a single decoration--an engagement ring. In all likelihood, her heart will melt once she sees her ring adorning your yuletide tree. Spell out your proposal with style. Get her a "just because" gift. Purchase an elegant charm bracelet. Have the charms on it be letters that spell out your special request "M-A-R-R-Y M-E". Place the gift at her place setting during a special dinner. Of course, there are numerous other ways you can propose--on board a plane, on an island, on a mountaintop, at the top of the Empire State Building, in the back of a limousine. How you ultimately propose will depend on a number of factors: your history together, your personal style, and her particular preferences. The most important thing is that the proposal comes from the heart. If it is truly sincere, chances are your intended will be totally captivated. In the end, it's not the proposal itself, but the groom, that really matters.

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