Written by Nick Christophers  |  27. May 2008

by Nick Christophers The Hip Hop explosion has rocked the music scene in more ways than one. From the beginning with artists like Run DMC, The Sugar Hill Gang and GrandMaster Flash it was due to hit big. It did just that. Yet Hip Hop has developed many various avenues of music from rap to gangsta rap. The emergence of Hip Hop gave many black men and women a stronger voice to express every facet of their lives. From present artists like 50 Cent to Lil' Kim the music has become more daring and explicit. Yet not all Hip Hop is catered to the negative over tones of these artists. There are many of them that bring out positive or informative issues to the table. For example, LL Cool J has been an inspiration to many young Black Americans in a positive light. One such young Black-American is from the rough and tough area called Newark, New Jersey. Raised in New Jersey he soon needed to move to the "hood" of Newark. Hence, the neighborhood sort of gave him his moniker "K-Lethal". K-Lethal has risen from the toughness of the street and his experiences are evident in his music. His inspiration was derived by his upbringing and the sights and sounds surrounding him. At the age of thirteen he began to realize how much music tugged at his soul. "I did not know what the Lord had wanted me to do with my musical talents. But I learned what, soon enough," added K. He began DJing at parties and incorporating his dancing skills. K did not have formal training but instead taught himself the fundamentals of writing music and rapping. Yet he has had formal training on the business side of the music industry. His musical career so far has been nothing more than an asset to Lethal in every aspect. His love for Hip Hop is evident in his music from his single "Lethal" to the recent release of "Da System". It is pure Hip Hop with a twist of soulfulness and cool rhythm. "I like my music to convey a message on various subjects. My recent release is meant to address issues in today's society." K-Lethal is on a determined mission to complete certain goals he has placed for himself. One of his most important goals is to reach out to the youth with positive messages. Through his music he hopes to offer inspiration, hope and motivation to all who are willing to listen. Since 1998 K has been involved in the music scene he has recorded in some of the most A-list studios like Quad City and Sony Recording Studios. His music has created such a vibe that it has appeared on various mix tapes across the US. Besides Hip Hop music he has also released some house tracks for the European market. One being "Work Your Body" which was produced by producer/mixer Chris "The Greek" Panaghi. The track was a huge success in countries like Greece, Japan and Mexico. He has also teamed up with Amathus Urban and released his debut album entitled "My Life". K-Lethal has made it a point to hit every market angle there is. Music definatly runs through his veins since he was raised by a musical family. One example is that Jerold Austin of the Manhattans happens to be his cousin. "Besides my cousin being musically inclined my mom and my baby sister has been an integral force in my success." Presently, K-Lethal has released a new single titled "Da System" which is loaded with powerful lyrics. The premise of the single was derived by the tragic incident of Sean Bell's death. "I felt compelled to express the sadness and tragic loss of life in a society that is at odds with who we call our protectors." Besides being involved with the music industry K-Lethal has dedicated his time to speaking and mentoring under privileged children from the streets of Newark, New Jersey. Presently, he has re-located to Long Island where he plans to settle and build on his musical career. His recent release Da' System can be heard at: www.amathusurban.com www.amathusmusic.com www.myspace.com/klethalmusic

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