Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Written by karate  |  26. May 2008

The Biggest trend in martial Arts today is Mixed Martial Arts and MMA Competitions. It seems like there is no limit to how far it will go. It has caught the publics eye both positively and negative. Most competitions are held in either an octagon ring or a cage with wire fenceing surrounding the ring. Fighters square off matched by weight and experience. They fight timed rounds with a referee and doctor present. Fighters usually have a expertise in a fighting art and have cross trained in other arts . Long Island can say that Matt Serra and his trainer Ray Longo are both World Famous MMA Fighters. Ray has long been known to be a great strikeing trainer. Ray is a Master Kempo Instructor. The martial art we teach in our schools. Matt just recently lost The World Championship in a rematch in Montreal Canada . Another Great former Champion was Chuck Liddell of California . Kempo is well suited to MMA because Kempo teaches (karate,jiujitsu,grappling,and kung fu) in its fighting techniques. I believe any one who considers MMA fighting train and get a strong base in a solid martial art. Any questions or for a FREE Trial Kempo Class , call us at 1 (866)95-KARATE

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