Age and Dating.. Does it matter?

Written by dating-singles  |  24. May 2010

We interviewed several men and women who attended our Long Island Singles events. The goal was to better understand why the majority of men want to date younger women, while the growing trend is that older women would prefer to date younger men. We had taken a poll a few months back and found that 68% of women surveyed said they would be interested in dating a younger man, however 65% of the men said they would not be interested in dating an older woman. The question is why??? What the guys said The number one answer given by Men between the ages of 34-47 was that they still wanted to have children and would be concerned that an older woman may have less child bearing years left. This is despite the fact, that many women have children in their 40 s and 50 s. The second most common response from the guys is that dating a younger woman made them feel younger themselves. Younger men between 25 and 33 were more open to dating an older woman and did not raise the children issue. What the women said The ladies between 40 and 55 had a different take on the subject. They were more interested in dating a younger man because they take care of themselves and are in better shape than guys my own age, said Claire, a 47 year old woman from Long Island. Older guys don t have enough energy to keep up with me. I like to be on the go, and seem to have more in common with a younger man. The ladies between the ages of 25 and 40 were more divided on the topic. Most said that age shouldn t matter at all and that it all depends on the connection and the maturity level. Most of the women in this bracket did say they were used to dating older men because women mature much faster then men.

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