Long Island Babies: A Great Resource for Parents

Written by babies  |  21. May 2001

Long Island Babies has brought together health related agencies, safety groups and businesses from the Long Island area all working in the baby field. We supply OB-GYN offices throughout the Long Island area with gift bags containing information from all of these agencies. These gift bags are then distributed to expectant parents. With the combination of our website, bags and periodic events Long Island Babies is fast becoming the leading resource of baby information for parents. And now with the soon to be released monthly newsletter, Long Island Babies News, parents will have more information available to them in a convenient way. Through our bags. Long Island Babies is expanding fast so if you are interested in being a part of this great business wise opportunity then you can get a hold of them through their web site at www.LIBabies.com, and if you a parent that would like to recieve one of our bags, just ask you doctor for one. If then don't have them then tell them to get in touch with us so that they be added to our listing of doctors offices distributing theses bags.

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