Old School Songstress Judy Torres

Written by Nick Christophers  |  15. May 2006

BY NICK CHRISTOPHERS From the tender age of nine free-style sensation Judy Torres felt the desire to follow her dream of being in the music business. Her family was always surrounded by the sound of music. The radio was always a staple in the Torres home. After high school Judy decided to attempt to tackle her dream. She auditioned for many events until she took part in a Gong Show around 1985. She won the contest that day and was soon asked to attend the championship round. She decided to perform a piece on the funny side since it was a Gong show. Her song was a spin off of the comedian Edith Bunker. She received a positive response from the crowd but noticed that one of the judges was about to gong her. Fortunately, the other judges held him back. The possible bad luck actually turned out to be her ticket to her dream. The same judge who's name was George Vasquez turned out to be her first manager. He soon booked her at different clubs and she began with cover songs but that was not enough." George told me that the only way that I was going to get a career was to produce my own songs. That is when he introduced me to his friend Nicky Garcia. Upon her meeting Mr. Garcia she began working on the song "Love is going to get You" but there was another performer who was auditioning with a song called "No Reason to Cry." It turned out that she exchanged songs with the other singer. The latter song became Judy's first hit. This was about the begining of Free-Style in 1986. She was then promoting herself in the clubs and soon was approached by Mr. Garcia and was signed to record label, Profile Records. The record label hosted artists like Run DMC, at the time Judy was the only woman artist on their roster. After about a year run her single "No Reason to Cry" got radio play. She then recorded her next hit single "Come Into My Arms." That propelled her career and she was on the road to releasing her first album. She released two albums with Profile Records then decided to go solo. Up to this time she has appeared in clubs all around the New York area and has a new hit sing called "Faithfully". Judy was raised on the sounds of Liza Manelli and Barbara Streisand who inturn became her inspiration. "They were my idols. I studied Liza's style of performing. I believed how Liza would connect with her audience. I think speaking to your audience is an important part of any show. You have to produce a connection with them." Judy studied voice and classical opera in college and found that classical opera was the basis for improving ones voice. She studied at Lehman College and Kingsboro with her major in music. Unfortunately, she did not complete her studies since her career was taking off. At the present besides her new hit single "Faithfully" she has also become a radio personality on dance station WKTU. "I found being on KTU has not changed who I am. It is still performing and making people happy. I love connecting with my fans. I find it a huge blessing and feel honored to stay in the music industry." The radio station has offered her the opportunity to get feedback from her fans and develop new avenues in her career. For the future she hopes to keep performing and bringing out the best in herself for her fans.

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