Artist To Have Final Exhibition At Age 95

Written by Long Island  |  13. May 2011

An art director most of his life, at least until he retired at 55, Sam Fink was always in love with communication, with the power of what words and images communicate when they come together. Once retired he spent the next forty years (yes, he will be ninety-five on May 27) as a calligrapher and an illustrator, making paintings, watercolors and drawings which gravitated over and over again to the most powerful words he could find...words that shared a common call to be free. Published again and again by Random House, Scholastic and Welcome Books, he used his artistic talent to highlight and celebrate those words, including The Constitution of the United States of America, The Gettysburg Address, The Fifty-six Who Signed, The Declaration of Independence: The Words that Made America, The Book of Exodus and Annie Dillard’s Give it all, Give it Now. At 95, this is his last exhibition in Great Neck, before moving to join his family in Jerusalem. On Sunday, May 15 there will be a closing reception at Temple Beth-El of Great Neck, 5 Old Mill Road in Great Neck, from 1:00-3:00. This will be the last exhibition of Sam’s work in the United States where he will be in attendance, before leaving for Israel. On May 27 he celebrates his 95th birthday. The exhibition, curated by his publisher, Lena Tabori, and John Hirsch, the EKR Museum Curator was preceded by a show at the Great Neck Library, organized by John Aubrey. Sam’s fascination with creativity and the creative process, with words and letters and their meanings, with the pencils and pen points that brought those meanings to life — all are at play in the work on display, some of which is for sale, including a signed and limited edition of folios of The Constitution and another of Exodus. Side bar Sam Fink is an original. A multi-talented artist of inimitable range, he first learned to hand-letter from his father, sitting hour after hour practicing the craft. He and his wife Adele raised two sons while Sam studied at the National Academy and the Art Students' League. For two decades he worked as an art director at world-renowned advertising agency Young & Rubicam. Later, he taught at the Pratt Institute and made professional contributions to Lands' End. Side bar About the Constitution, which is available for sale, both in the trade edition and in the limited edition, at the exhibition: "The incredible Constitution of the United States, illustrated by Sam Fink, should be in every home in America." —Ray Bradbury "Constitution Day...marks the anniversary of the document's signing in 1787, after four months of strenuous debate in Philadelphia. Since 2004, public schools have been required to devote part of the day's lessons to the Constitution—to its genesis, its implementation, and to its lasting significance. "Teachers looking to enliven the proceedings might turn to the illustrator and calligrapher Sam Fink's exuberant rendition, The Constitution of the United States of America,...the book contains every word of the Constitution, written in Fink's distinctive hand, along with boldly colored illustrations. Fink, who has also created illustrated versions of the Gettysburg Address and the Book of Exodus, is at once reverent and mischievous. Throughout, we see his gentle but strongly-felt patriotism, along with flashes of humor." —Ian Crouch, The New Yorker "An exquisitely designed version of this historic, revered document, Sam Fink, a multi-talented artist and calligrapher, has brought the Constitution to life with his vibrant illustrations and sometimes ironic, interpretative captions that keep us laughing, sighing, and shedding tears of wonder at the foresight of the Constitution's creators...A visually appealing book for the home or the classroom." —San Francisco Book Review "The Constitution of the United States appears in an oversized presentation, is inscribed and illustrated by artist Sam Fink, and originally appeared in a larger format as a limited edition portfolio in 2006. Its reprint here offers all a fine color trade edition of a lovely art and history reference, perfect for gift-giving or inclusion in any general American history or arts holding." —California Book Watch/ Midwest Book Review • Chosen as an alternate selection for the following book clubs: American Compass, The Literary Guild, Military Book Club, Crossings, BOMS, History Book Club, and Book Planet. • Featured on NBC's Sunday Weekend Today and CNN This Morning • The Limited Edition is on permanent exhibition at The Supreme Court in Scranton, Pennsylvania For more information about Sam’s books or his art, contact Lena@welcomebooks.com The full list of images for viewing and sale will be also be available at Beth El.

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