Riverhead Town Seeks Input on Marijuana Use

Written by Ls Cohen  |  14. May 2021

After Governor Cuomo signed legislation that legalized recreational marijuana use across New York State, it’s up to individual towns to decide whether or how they will allow it to be sold in their jurisdictions and how.


The Town of Riverhead recently announced that it is seeking public input on the issue from its residents.


“Each town must decide to allow the sale of marijuana at specific locations and provide restrictions (setbacks) at use locations (cafes and lounges) or elect to opt-out of the legislation,” read a Riverhead Town press release.


If a town opts out, then marijuana cannot be sold at retail businesses or consumed in cafes or lounges in that specific town.


An editorial in Newsday recently said that many officials are already saying they want to opt out. Opting out does not make marijuana illegal to posses or grow in the town, city, or village, it just means they will not benefit from the tax revenue that comes from the sale of cannabis.


The Town of Riverhead recently urged its residents and business owners to participate in a short, two

minute survey.


“It is critical we engage stakeholders of our community and receive their input,” said Riverhead Town Supervisor Yvette Aguiar.

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