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Free or Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts that Come Straight from the Heart

If you're short on time or money for Mom's gift, take a look at some of these great ideas for gifts that come straight from the heart - not from the wallet.

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It’s less than 24 hours until Mother’s Day, and if you have not already picked out something for Mom, you may want to start considering gifts that are more special than something you pick up last-minute.  Each of these ideas use things that you already have laying around the house, and al they take is time and effort, which is exactly what Mom would love to see to know you appreciate her.  You know your mom the best, so pick out the best low- or no-cost way to show her you love her. 

Teach Her Something
You know your mom has trouble understanding how to operate her smartphone, tablet, or e-reader, so take the chance to give her a lesson on how to use different functions, or fix something that she has been having trouble with.  She will definitely be grateful, and your lesson will stick with her to make her more technologically-inclined.

Design a Digital Photo Album
Put together all of your mother’s favorite photos of the family in a digital photo album or slide show for her to enjoy forever.  Use a digital photo album website like Smilebox to arrange your photos and even add in videos and music.  Moms will definitely give bonus points to their kids who digitize hard copies of photos, because nothing is more comforting than knowing that your prized old photos will be safe and backed up in case the originals are ever damaged.

Lend a Hand with the Chores
Moms love nothing more than getting a break from all of the hard work that they put in to keep the household running. Kids can write out cute coupon books to give mom the gift of a free floor mopping, a dish cleaning session, or even a free back rub to give back for all of the hard work mom does.  Otherwise, just be sure to lend a hand to take out the trash, take care of the pets, and clean up to make Mom’s special day easier.

Make a Meal
Lessen Mom’s load by cooking a meal for her on Mother’s Day.  Breakfast in bed is always a go-to easy meal, as young kids can help out by pouring a bowl of cereal or stirring up some pancake batter.  Breakfast or brunch can be as simple or intricate as you want it to be, so check out some of these recipes for a change of pace and a chance to show Mom your appreciation.

Make a Memory Box
Take a shoebox or jar and decorate it.  Then, take slips of paper and write down a favorite memory with your mom on each one.  Roll up the slips of paper and put them in the jar for mom to pull out every now and then and reminisce on happy memories together.  Alternately, you can also write down things that you love about your mom, so that every time she takes a paper out, she can fel special and loved.

Take Her Out
You do not have to take your mom to a fancy restaurant to show her you care.  Try taking her out to a nature center or arboretum instead and spend some time walking around and enjoying the day with her.  She will surely be appreciative, and you will get to make more memories together.

Leave Her Alone
Hey, some moms may not want all the attention, and the best gift that they can receive is the gift of peace and quiet.  If you’re a dad, take the kids out of the house so your wife can enjoy some rest and relaxation, or simply read her book or take a nap.