by Nick Christophers I normally write about celebrities but this story caught my attention. In our current society there are few heroes around that actually make a difference. Yet in a recent event in the ...

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by Nick Christophers

I normally write about celebrities but this story caught my attention. In our current society there are few heroes around that actually make a difference. Yet in a recent event in the town of Mastic, Long Island a few heroes made a stand. No, not the Superman or Wonder Woman but the Brookhaven Fire Department and the founder from Rescue Ink. It all unfolded when resident Colleen Meyer noticed a kitten that was in a tree for at least six days. She and other neighbors notified local authorities to come help the kitten. Yet there was no response.

On the sixth day Colleen picked up the Sunday Newsday and read an article on Rescue Ink the animal protectors. She hurriedly notified Rob who was at a family function at the time, about the trapped kitten. "I knew I had to do something. The poor kitten was up there for six days. My daughters and I had to find some help.

It turned out that our hero was not to far off. These guys are the true celebrities." Robert like the hero The Flash, made his way to the Brookhaven Fire Department to gather there help. He came in contact with the local Superman, Don Prince. "I could not rest until the rescue effort was accomplished," said Rob. Mr. Prince just happens to be the Fire Chief on his company. In turn Mr. Prince and his crew headed to the appointed location along with a Robert from Rescue Ink. "I assessed the situation and realized that it was a rare case. Normally we do not take on these kind of rescue attempts," added Chief Prince.

The kitten as Robert claimed may begin to climb higher in this situation according to Chief Prince. The kitten was at least close to 75 feet in the air. Mr. Prince then closed off to street for security purposes and suggested to use the ladder. "He explained to me if the kitten stays up that high for too long with no food or water they go into a state of shock and fall out of the tree. It was a learning experience for me," said Chief Prince. They stationed the ladder close enough to the tree so a fireman can reach out to the frightened kitten.

In approximately an hour an a half they were able to bring the kitten to safety. Robert along with Rescue Ink transported the kitten in card board power tool box which was the only thing available at the time to the Save-a-Pet facility for adoption.
The gallant efforts of not only the Brookhaven Fire Department and Rescue Ink but the sharp eyes of Wonder Woman, Collen Meyer need to be commended. After the heroic effort a thunderous applause was heard all down the block. It was as if a child was saved from a fiery home.

Colleen in turn notified Long about the incident. It was just another heroic effort by Rescue Ink who has recently burst onto the scene and spread there wings. Despite their unorthodox appearance they have proven to be true heroes. This rough and tough looking crew have a big heart when it comes to animals all of the members own pets and look out for the best interest. "The true heroes here are Colleen and the Brookhaven Fire Department," Rob commented.
The crew at Rescue Ink are not only the nicest guys around but have a heart of gold when it comes to animals.

The same pride they take in themselves they extend to not only other human beings but to animals of all shapes and sizes. Along with their goal of protecting and saving animals they are all pet owners themselves. They may not be celebrities the way we define it yet are heroes to many and will eventually earn the title of celebrity.

But they are not searching for celebrity status just the opportunity to do the right thing for helpless animals in the New York area. To have the opportunity to be in their company you would say is scary due to there appearance. Yet spending time with them over a glass of coca-cola (since they are not drinkers) was more fun and enlightening than I would

So you may say, it's only a cat, who cares? Yet the cat cares and a lot of others do. I don't know what it would be like being stuck in a tree for six days 70 feet in the air. Hence, if something of the nature occurs again the residents should take notice and find a safe solution. In addition, if anyone is interested in adopting this adorable kitten please contact Save-A-Pet which is in Port Jefferson at 631-473-6333 and become a real HERO. You can also visit the following site for information and photos of the daring rescue: or