How to Win More Credibility in Business

Written by marketing-pr  |  08. May 2007

ADVICE FROM AN EXPERT As you know, it takes time and effort to build credibility and win the trust of your prospects. Below you will find some valuable suggestions on how to gain more visibility, gain trust and improve your chances of success. Armed with those insights, you will stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals faster. Good luck in your endeavors! A Few Ways to Benefit from Your Articles 1. You may compile your articles and convert them into speeches, workshop presentations, books, audios or videos. 2. Make sure you publish on an ongoing basis, because putting out an article once or twice a year will not attract a lot of clients. 3. As you know, there is a lot of demand for valuable information. Focus on hot topics that inform, educate or entertain. This will position you as an expert and create interest in your work. 4. Offer premium content for a fee by providing access to in-depth reports, collection of articles or other valuable tools. 5 Attributes of a Winning Speech 1. According to a survey by the National Speakers Association, the most sought after topic is performance improvement. And industry trends are at the bottom of the list. 2. Avoid fact-intensive presentations. 3. Don't spend too much time bragging about your accomplishments and qualifications. Sell your ideas, solutions and expertise, not your services. 4. It would be wise to tape your speeches and analyze them later. You will discover that there is always some room for improvement. 5. Interestingly, "self-effacing" humor works best. In a nutshell, speaking expands your network of contacts, generates new leads for your business and positions you as a leader.

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