Jumpstart Your Career Part II: Boosting Your Confidence

Written by careers  |  08. May 2001

I have developed a quick guideline to jumpstart your job search campaign that will position you to be proactive in your future success. The jumpstart series will focus on quick techniques that you will be able to implement with ease. Last weeks topic was The Top 5 Job Hunting Mistakes that are typically made. This week, I will focus on Boosting Your Confidence. 5. Surround yourself with a solid and strong support system. I devoted a past article on developing your network base. The article is entitled Creating Your Master Team of Contacts. Make sure to check the archives. 4. Act as if you have confidence. Allow your behavior to dictate your attitude. If you behave in a confident, successful manner you will begin to feel that way. Choose a behavioral method that is right for you. Don't try to mimic others. 3. Make a conscious decision not to say anything negative about your job search for one week. 2. Recall a time when you felt confident. Recall what type of individuals and opportunities you attracted. 1. Stay true to yourself, ethics, and standards. When you stray from who you are, it hinders the path you are taking. Come back next week to jumpstart your career with advice on Overcoming Obstacles. Until then... If there is a particular subject you would like me to address, make sure to email me.

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