"It Takes a Thief " / Discovery Channel

Written by karate  |  01. May 2005

Recently I was contacted by The Discovery Channel to help with an upcoming episode. The Show is their new "hit series . It Takes a thief.The premise of the show is that homeowners are contacted by two professional thieves about breaking in their home and stealing whatever valuables they can.Homeowners agree and escourted to a nearby van and watch on video cameras as Jon Douglas Rainey does his best work breaking in their home (doing damage ) as he goes and stealing as much goodies as he can.This guy is great at what he does and is cool at his work. In the van series host Matt Johnston sits aside the distraught homeowner and narrates the carnage. In the episode we contributed to I sent my Head Instructor Steven Castelli to even the odds as an older female confronted the bad guys. Steve taught homeowner sadie three basic self defense techniques that had the bad guys calling "Uncle".Simple and basic is what they got.Move #1 was a cane leg sweep,Move #2 was a cane assisted armbar and Move # 3 was a face rank enabled Sadie time enough to flee to saftey. We are very proud at The American Academy of Self Defense of our association with The Discovery Channel and plan to work as their Self Defense Experts for many years to come. Also assisting in choreograhy of self defense was my son Michael Bertucci Jr and my martial arts mentor Professor Thomas Ingargiola. The show is scheduled to be aired this summer on The Discovery Channel. Any Comments or Questions please contact us at AAofSD.com "A Teacher can only open the door, It's up to the student to Walk Through It."

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