More than a replacement projector lamp provider.

Written by Gina Sansivero  |  28. April 2011

Projector Lamp Services (PLS) has taken the time to revise, revamp and revive their relamping message while expanding upon the company's mission. PLS continues to establish themselves as a reliable and valued part of the AV industry. While relamping is a common term used within the RelampIt! facility, PLS wanted to be certain their terminology and their capabilities were clearly understood throughout the AV industry and across markets. Making sure current and potential customers are fully aware of all the benefits associated with relamping and recycling, PLS decided elaborate on their message with new advertising campaigns, marketing materials and sales and customer service language. Additionally, offering enhanced technical support and distinct quality standards allows PLS to shine as more than a replacement lamp provider. The new message, which was initiated at the beginning of 2011, will be seen at the PLS booth at InfoComm 2011. PLS continues to encourage the AV industry to "think Green" when it comes to replacement projector lamps by providing clients with the option to incorporate relamping into their service/maintenance contracts and most importantly their green business initiatives. Doing so, gives clients of PLS the ability to make the shift to becoming a full service maintenance contract provider, offering an exclusive service that includes replacement lamps, troubleshooting, support and complimentary lamp recycling. Projector Lamp Services, LLC, established in May 2007, provides re-lamping services for the projection display industry. PLS has developed a process that allows front and rear projector light sources to be remanufactured at a reduced cost without compromising lifetime or performance. PLS also offers a no charge projector lamp recycling service. The PLS Projector Lamp Recycling Center, focuses on reducing waste and environmental mercury contamination from the lamps found in front and rear projectors. We are dedicated to encouraging AV users to "think green" when it comes to replacement projector lamps. For more information about PLS relamping and recycling, call +1(631)244-0051 or visit our website at www.relampit.com

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