Tee Time Any Time: Golf Locations, Events, and Outings

Written by Sharon Lindell  |  28. April 2014

The grass is finally getting greener and golfing season has begun. Golf originated from Scotland, but is now enjoyed worldwide and especially on Long Island. 

As many avid golfers know, with the right combination of clubs and practice. Practice to key and many golf courses provide driving ranges, so you can practice your swing and get the ball as close to the hole as possible. The fewer strokes the better and a hole-in-one is ideal. Meeting par, the mastery number of strokes for a hole, maybe just enough for the average golfer. 

Now, if you want to play on the various courses on the island, you cannot just show up at the golf course, you need to have a tee time. You can generally call the courses for a tee time, but LongIsland.com has introduced a new feature where you can book your tee times through our website. Additionally, some courses offer discounts you can only get from booking through LongIsland.com. So, when you are planning what to tee off, book through us 24/7!

Additionally, there are many golfing events taking place on the island in the upcoming months. Some of these events are for fun, learning, and charity!


Not much of a golfer? More of a putter? Check out our miniture golf guide!

Where do you enjoy playing golf? Which course is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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