Jumpstart Your Career Part I: Top 5 Mistakes Job Hunters Make

Written by careers  |  25. April 2001

I have developed a quick guideline to jumpstart your job search campaign that will position you to be proactive in your future success. The jumpstart series will focus on quick techniques that you will be able to implement with ease. The first topic of the series is Top 5 Job Hunting Mistakes that are typically made. 5. Conducting A Passive Job Search - Landing a job is a full time work! A proactive job search campaign should include all resources available to you. A healthy mixture of (a) answering Want Ads (b) networking (c) posting rsums on-line (d) target email campaigns and (e) working with recruiters should be uses. Don't rely on any one method to achieve career success. 4. Lack of Patience - Finding the right fit takes time. Becoming impatient leaves room for error in judgment. 3. Unfair Comparisons - Avoid making negative comparisons between your achievements and those of others. Clearly establish your goals and rate your success according to your attitude, goals and accomplishments. 2. Taking On Too Much Responsibility - There are certain aspects of a job search that you cannot control. Learn to differentiate between outcomes that you have control over and relinquish the guilt for situations beyond your control. 1. Personalizing Rejection - Don't internalize rejection. If you do so, the fear of rejection will hold you back from conducting a successful job search campaign. Come back next week to jumpstart your career with advice on Boosting Your Confidence. Until then...

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