Daily Top 10: Restaurant Week Edition - 10 Indian Restaurants For The Spice Lover

Written by Hannah M.  |  23. April 2012

Indian cuisine is marked by the extensive use of Indian spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits and varies from region to region. The diversity of flavors and regional styles speaks of the influences from numerous groups and cultures throughout the 5000-year long history of Indian cuisine. The complex blends of spices and herbs are commonly known is the West as “curries.” The range of green, yellow and red curry dishes often denotes the intensity of spice in each dish. Curry dishes are popular is most Eastern cuisine. Often chicken, lamb or goat is marinated in these curries with vegetables to produces favorites such as rogan josh, chicken tikka masala, and butter chicken, along with various seafood plates.

Indian cuisine is also a favorite of vegetarians as Hinduism, practiced by much of the Indian population, encourages a vegetarian diet. Popular Indian vegetarian dishes often make use of lentils (known as dal or dahl), various greens such as spinach and fenugreek, and rice. Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike are often fans of the bread items such as naan, a leavened, oven-baked flatbread which is sometimes seasoned with garlic or stuffed with cheesed, vegetables or meats. There is also roti, an unleavened bread made from stone-ground wholemeal flour. These breads are often served with various condiments known as chutneys.

If you love spicy, Indian food is for you. If you love savory flavor, Indian food is for you. If you love diving into new and unique cuisines, Indian food is certainly for you. Take a taste at any one of the following Indian restaurants. Why not try them all and find a personal favorite And don’t skip dessert!

Remember, only restaurants with an *asterisk next to their name are participating in the Spring Restaurant Week.

1.    *Akbar Restaurant
2 South Street, Garden City – (516) 357-8300

2.    Kiran Palace
67-75 E Old Country Road, Hicksville – (516) 932-5191

3.    House of Dosas
416 South Broadway, Hicksville – (516) 938-7517

4.    Tulip Bar and Grill
4 Welwyn Road, Great Neck – (516) 487-1070

5.    Heritage of India
2024 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park – (516) 352-9305

6.    *The Curry Club
10 Woods Corner Road, East Setauket – (631) 751-4845

7.    House of India
256B Main Street, Huntington – (631) 271-0059

8.    Spice Village Grill
281 Main Street, Huntington – (631) 271-4800

9.    Curry Kebab House
585 Medford Avenue, Patchogue – (631) 654-5400

10.    Hampton Chutney
Main Street, Amagansett – (631) 267-3131

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