Get What you Want

Written by hypnosis  |  23. April 2006

Imagine for a moment that if you wanted to you could change your life and all you had to do was to believe differently. To have your desired home, car, relationships, luck... you could start pulling them into your life. A theory growing in popularity and acceptance says you can do just that. It's called the Law of Attraction and it is being successfully applied by happy people everywhere. You're not having the life you desire? Not meeting the right people? Or those who work for you or with you don't respect you? Then start using the Law of Attraction. The Universal Law of Attraction may be succinctly summarized as follows: we attract whatever we choose to give our attention to-- whether wanted or unwanted. Think of yourself as a large magnet, if you will. The theory postulates that we are made up of matter and we vibrate at a certain level. Our thoughts are magnetic electrical impulses that will consciously or subconsciously attract events, people, and fortune [or misfortune] into our lives. Since this process happens whether we think about it or not, we need to pay attention to our thoughts and desires. If you frequently focus on what could go wrong, imaginary perils, or looming dangers that await you, then you will attract into your life exactly those things you desperately don't want. Through your emotional energy and focus you literally attract them into your reality. When we are optimistic, confident, and believe in abundance we vibrate at a certain level. We emit this energy via our thoughts and emotions and will literally attract into our lives positive events and positive people. Conversely, if we are pessimistic, jealous, and fearful we vibrate at a lower level. This results in attracting negative events and negative people into our lives. Practice the following: -Avoid "Don't Wants." The trick here is to take your attention away from what you don't want! Give no attention to them. Unfortunately most people find that they just have to focus on all of the possible negatives, that we're not being "realistic" if we don't worry about things. Start by giving yourself thirty days to ignore your "don't wants." Set your sights on abundance, happiness, love, let everyone else keep track of the garbage. I'm sure they'll be all too happy to fill you in. -"Flip Switch" your thinking. Catch yourself being pulled down by negative thoughts or negative self talk then immediately flip your thoughts to a time, place, event, or past memory that will enable you to change they way you're feeling. Perhaps choose one memory in particular that you go back to as often as you need to conjure up the feelings that the memory brings you. -Become very clear on what you DO want. The law of attraction works if you know what you want! How is the universe supposed to give you the life or mate you desire when even you don't know what you want? Too many of us are just drifting along being pushed and pulled in all sorts of directions by events, other people, or factors we mistakenly believe to be beyond our control. It doesn't have to be this way. Choose what you want, write it down and focus, believe, and trust. - Raising your vibrational level to match what you want. You have an energy about you. When you are relaxed and confident you can feel it. Work on keeping your confident outward energy working for you at all times. Walk into social situations that in the past would make you uncomfortable and keep your head high, shoulders back and send incredible positive energy into the paths of anyone you come across. Play with it, see if you can't detect a difference in others reactions to you. Enter a local store and greet the person behind the counter with warmth and a smile. Watch how you positively affect his or her demeanor. - Expect it. Don't fret over when and how. Trust that it is happening. After deciding to change your thinking and becoming aware of what you want, allow time. Allow for the physical world to catch up with your new thoughts and emotions. If you sit around saying when is my happiness coming? Or when will I feel financially secure, you are continuing to focus on the lack, on the fact that you don't have what you desire. Believe in yourself and your ability to create the future you not only desire, but deserve. It sounds so simple and it is! The difficulty lies in applying the principles and resisting the habit of falling back into old thinking patterns. Begin now to attract into your life all the wealth, happiness, or healthy relationships that you desire.

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