Written by publicrelations  |  23. April 2001

A marketing plan is an important part of any business. Without a plan, your business will feel scattered and disorganized. A marketing plan gives you more control over your flow of new business. First step in preparing a marketing plan -- determine your objectives. What are you trying to accomplish? What are your goals? Next determine your target audience. Who do you want to reach? Why? Target locations follow. Here you want to determine where you plan to market your services. Do you want to market your business locally, regionally or nationally? Demographic Background is important. In this section, you should do your homework and determine who the people are that you want to attract. Learn as much as possible. This will help you develop a strategic marketing plan. Approaches make up the plan. Here are some approaches you may want to include in your marketing plan: * Promotional Materials - a brochure, press kit, annual report, etc. * National and Local Publicity * Advertising * Co-op Advertising * Direct Mail * Promotional Items * Special Events and Promotions * Seminar Coordination * Speaking Engagements * Radio Promotions * Promotions with Fast Food Restaurants * Website * Trade Shows * Sponsorships * Networking Finally, include a timeline. This is very important because it is a map of how you will get from A to B. Think stategically about what months you will do what activities. Lastly, remember the budget. How much should you spend on marketing? (Remember, the more you spend the more you are likely to make....) # # # (c) Hilary JM Topper April 2001

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