The Walt Whitman Birthplace: A State Historic Site and Interpretive Center

Written by museums  |  22. April 2006

Tucked away on a side road, just off Route 110 in Huntington, surrounded by the 21st century world of diners, service stations and houses, is the pastoral site of Walt Whitman's birthplace. The home, built in 1819 by the poet's father Walter Whitman, is a fine example of native Long Island in a quieter, more peaceful time. Hand hewn beams, wooden pegs, whole tree trunks, a foundation of small boulders and the corbelled chimney remind us of a long ago era and way of life. The windows providing light and air give an elegance to this historic country farmhouse. The more recently constructed Interpretation Center allows more space for visitors to peruse exhibits that trace Walt Whitman's boyhood on Long Island and describe his journey to his international prominence as a great visionary. His original writing desk, letters, manuscripts and artifacts are on display, and visitors can view a first edition of his book of epic poetry, Leaves of Grass. The Center offers guided tours, concerts, lectures, poetry readings, poetry contests and special events. Group tours are available year round. Visit the website www.waltwhitman.org or call 631-427-5240 for more information.

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