Logitech and Acer Bring New Devices to the Tablet Table

Written by Christian Abbatecola  |  20. April 2012

While Apple probably won't be releasing another new iPad until sometime next year, there is no shortage of accessories, apps, and attachments from both first and third party companies looking to capitalize on the Internet-connected device's widespread popularity. Most recently, Logitech has announced that its Ultrathin Keyboard Cover would be hitting store shelves by the end of this month. In congruous fashion with previous tablet covers, the new Logitech case will connect to the iPad with a simple magnetic strip which will hold the lightweight aluminum protector in place. Its instant on/off feature will also automatically turn the iPad on when the case is lifted from the screen, and set it to standby mode when placed back over the tablet’s face.

For the $100 price tag Logitech has placed on their new device, however, it follows that in order to entice consumers the Keyboard Cover will have to do more than just protect a retina display and replace an iPad’s power button.  As the name implies, the case also houses a fully functioning Bluetooth keyboard, helping to blur the line between laptop and tab. With the addition of a physical keyboard, the convenient, highly portable world of tablets becomes a viable option for efficiently typing lengthy e-mails or working on other word-intensive projects, keeping up with the writing habits of even the most demanding users.

Logitech boasts of a whopping 6 month battery life for the new cover. While this estimate is based off a daily usage of only two hours, the math would suggest the claim translates into roughly 360 hours of operating time between charges for the keyboard, so the most fervent of novelists could get about two whole weeks between chargings of the device. Of course, the aluminum casing will still keep an iPad safe when the battery is drained.

Not to be left out of the public eye, Android is making a few strides forward with its campaign on the tablet market, this time courtesy of Acer. As communicated last month, Google’s newest version of their smart device operating system will be slowly rolling out across several phones and tabs through Verizon’s network in the coming weeks and months, but there are now several new items that can be added to the list of ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) recipients. The Acer A200 tab is already eligible for the upgrade, and the A100 and A500 will receive the same honor next week, on 4/27.

Yet another member of the Acer family will also come equipped with Android 4.0; the Olympics-branded Iconia A510 tablet is now ready to ship, and it will have ICS already installed. 32GB (expandable up to 64GB) of storage and 1GB of RAM sit alongside a powerful quad-core processor and reasonable $450 price tag, making this newest edition to Acer’s lineup one of the most alluring options for anyone seeking inexpensive entry into the tablet game.


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