New Truth Telling Book on Facial Plastic Surgery Reveals Procedures That Do and Don't Work

Through easy to read and understand text, helpful analogies, descriptive illustrations and before and after photos of his patients, Dr. Jacono shares his unique knowledge of the face and its underlying structures to help readers ...

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Through easy to read and understand text, helpful analogies, descriptive illustrations and before and after photos of his patients, Dr. Jacono shares his unique knowledge of the face and its underlying structures to help readers understand the truth about the latest procedures and products available to improve the inevitable signs of aging. This crash course in facial plastic surgery and skin care helps readers make educated decisions. The book helps readers avoid common pitfalls, like choosing the wrong procedure to achieve a desired effect and identifies procedures which have been popularized by the media, but don't really work. Dr. Jacono shares "Pearls of Wisdom" -- salient points that emphasize key messages. The book covers important topics including the latest Facial Cocktails designed to take ten years off your face (Botox , Restalyne and more); non surgical Lifts; new laser techniques (Thermage and Fraxel ); and other minimally invasive procedures (Thread Lifts); The ScarFree Facelift (of which Dr. Jacono is a pioneer); as well as more invasive surgeries and when they are needed. Other useful topics include rituals to deliver a quick recovery; the truth about skincare ingredients; and important information on choosing a facial plastic surgeon in your area.

FACE THE FACTS is a brilliant and informative read for anyone talking about, writing about or considering facial plastic surgery. Available on and Barnes & Noble, the book retails for
$ 15.95. Ten percent of the proceeds from each book will go to "FACE TO FACE," a national project offering pro bono consultation and reconstructive surgery to victims of domestic violence. Dr. Jacono regularly performs pro bono surgeries for "FACE TO FACE" and has been highly recognized for his work with this and other charitable organizations.

What follows an excerpt from the first chapter of "Face the Facts".

Snake oil. What does snake oil have to do with facial wrinkles? Nothing at all, this is the point. Every day there are more and more products and surgical and non-surgical treatments available to improve the inevitable signs of aging - facial lines, wrinkles, and folds. The problem is that a vast majority of the skin care products and treatments do not deliver the changes we desire. It is not uncommon for us to spend hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars, and walk away without a discernable difference in our appearance.

We are living longer and more productive lives today than ever before. The average life span and life expectancy in the United States have grown dramatically in the last century, from 47 years in 1900 to 78 years in 1996. It is a natural extension of our expanded years that we want our appearance to reflect the health and vitality within us. Interestingly, the changes from cosmetic surgery can improve our health. Countless times I have seen patients change their approach to their physical well being after surgery due to the positive effect on their mind set. Again and again I see patients embrace a workout regimen, eat healthier and follow a skin care regimen after a procedure. This in turn motivates them to make more changes; it gives them the confidence to succeed at work and in their relationships. When you're performing at your peak mentally, physically and emotionally you're a better partner, parent, professional, lover, and friend.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons over 9 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2004. Last year the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery noted that more and more women and men are undergoing facial rejuvenative procedures for facial lines, wrinkles, and folds. Men are buffing their image to excel in a competitive workplace. Less invasive treatments are becoming more popular as technology advances. Facelifts are performed through smaller incisions with less recovery time, risk and pain. The science of skin care has ascended to levels never imagined. Newer treatments including laser resurfacing, Restylane, Radiance and Botox therapy are reducing recovery to the time required for lunch. In fact most procedures, even major surgeries, are what I consider "lunchtime." They are performed as out-patient procedures in my office over a few hours. The medical advances that have made this possible are as follows:

-Twilight Anesthesia allows patients to have procedures in a deeply relaxed state without the debilitating effects and risks of general anesthesia. Patients walk out of my office on their own an hour after surgery.
-Endoscopic (telescopic) surgery technology allows me to perform forehead and facelifts with small incisions in the hairline using instruments the size of drinking straws. Essentially scarless surgery with a recovery time measured in days, not weeks.
-Smaller and hidden incision surgery has allowed plastic surgeons to perform "stealth surgery." Shorter incision or "mini" facelifts have reduced incision lines to a third of what was used just 5 years ago. Eyelid lifts are often performed through incisions on the inside of the eyelid that are not visible at all.
-Non-surgical techniques have allowed us superb results without going under the knife. Soft tissue fillers (Cosmoplast , Restylane , Captique , Perlane , and Radiesse ) and fat injections in the face can reduce folds; microdermabrasion, diamond peels, laser therapy and light chemical peels tighten the skin's surface and stimulate new collagen growth. Thread Lifts and Thermage treatments promise a non-surgical face lift.

Amongst this technologic revolution there is often a problem. I routinely hear from patients during consultations that they were sold a skin care system, or received a treatment at a spa, or with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon with little or no improvement. It is an investment of time and money, and the whole process can be very disappointing. Then there are those who are willing to take their quest to the next level and undergo a more invasive procedure. Maybe it is a Botox treatment, or an injection with the newest injectable filler for facial lines such as Restylane or Radiesse. Sometimes it is a minimally invasive procedure such as a "Thread Lift" or ThermageTM, or a more aggressive surgery (an eyelid lift or face lift). For some patients these more aggressive methods do not provide the desired result.

Why does this happen? There are two main reasons. First there are some treatments that are like snake oil and do not work. The second is that the wrong procedure was chosen for the problem, so that even if it was executed by the most skilled physician the problem is not fixed.