Podcasting in Long Island Comes To The Rescue with Daily Local News

Written by podcasts  |  18. April 2006

As most people are used to getting their news via the usual newspapers and broadcasts, I know a lot of Long Islanders who prefer not to read the newspaper and do not have time to watch the news on TV. Ipods have come to the rescue of music lovers from all over the world, but podcasts deliver all types of content. The average LIRR or Long Island Bus commuter can now listen to the news, in full digital quality on the way to NY City every morning. Now, podcasts are a good source for the local news and press releases. The Long Island Podcast Network has released the Long Island News Podcast during the second week of April and subscriber statistics have immediately jumped up thanks in part to our huge marketing efforts, the super talented newcaster, Robert Rickenbacker (pictured left), and a professional producer, Kaydean, owner and CEO of Dead Ninja Records located in Queens Village. I take the production and have it ready for the morning download. Podcast subscribership has also jumped up significantly since releasing the daily news podcast. The Long Island News Podcast is the second self-produced podcast show. The first is Paul Little's (from Brentwood) sports commentary podcast. For those of you who need your daily news and do not want the sleep inducing nature of newspapers or think that over-zealous morning television show hosts are too much even after a cup of coffee, the Long Island News Podcast is a good alternative. Our new amazing and dynamic show host, Robert Rickenbacker, is a talented hip hop artist aka Mr R., movie actor (latest release: Freedomland with Samuel L. Jackson and Julianne Moore). We will release the news every single day and advertising spots are now available as well on the podcast. Local advertisers can call Bruce at (516) 263-9529.

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