Oh my god, my daughter is ready to drive!!

Written by limom  |  18. April 2006

Did you ever notice that as you get older and have children suddenly things that you would have fought tooth and nail over as a teenager, suddenly sound like good ideas? My oldest, my daughter is getting her drivers license this year. The laws have changed in New York since I was a teenager, now it is much harder and the process to actually be able to drive on your own longer than when I was a kid...and thank God!! Although, I know if these new laws had affected me I would have had a fit, now I am not even sure if they are tough enough. Do I really want to watch my daughter drive away on her own, without me to control where she goes, when she comes back and with whom she sees? I don't know if I am ready for that. Parenthood always fit well with me mainly because you the parent have the control. Having your child grow up to adulthood means losing that control and boy is it hard to do. I suddenly feel like calling my parents and apologizing for everything I have ever done. Then again, lately I feel like that a lot. Imagine, my child is old enough to drive! When did that happen? It seems like just yesterday she believed in Santa and wanted the new Barbie doll that was coming out, now she is ready to drive and interested in looking at cars. I am not sure I can take this. It isn't so much that she is getting older, but that the older she gets the older that means I am getting. Once that happens its a quick trip to middle age and then the old folks home! Now, I know that time doesn't move that fast, but when your first child is ready to drive a car, believe me time feels like it flew. Yesterday I was preparing bottles and winding up the old crank type swings ( those of you who had children before 1995 know what swings I am talking about), now she is asking me to take her out for driving lessons. Oi! At least the new laws give me a little more time to get used to the fact that my daughter is ready to hit the road and go out in the world...without me. However, I think that first day she drives alone out of that driveway I may have a nervous breakdown. At least I have five more years before my son gets ready, but as I now know those five years will probably feel like one. What on earth will I do then.

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