LI's Adorable Adoptables: Meet Friendly Pups Alvin & Lilabeth and Itty Bitty Kitty Little Bit!

Written by Allison Matos  |  17. April 2015

LI's Adorable Adoptables is a weekly column by Allison Matos, a lifelong Long Island resident who has been advocating animal adoption since 2012. Allison's weekly posts highlight local animals in need of adoption, and cover general animal welfare topics as well.

With temperatures reaching 70 degrees this weekend, what dog wouldn't love to run in the backyard of their new forever home? What cat wouldn't want to look out a window from their own comfy couch? If you agree, why not head down to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter and Last Hope Animal Rescue in Wantagh to meet their wonderful dogs and cats- all of which are available for adoption right now!

First up, meet Alvin. Alvin is a sweet 7 year young boy who is described by the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter as a lovely gentleman who loves everyone he meets including other dogs and even young children!  If that's not enough, Alvin is a bright fella who knows the commands “sit” and “lay down”. Please consider adopting Alvin today! Older dogs ROCK! Come let Alvin show you it’s true.  For more information about Alvin, check out the TOH Animal Shelter's website,  or head down there today! 

And right next door at Last Hope Animal Shelter, you can meet another gorgeous pooch named Lilabeth.  This pretty gal is a female Hound with Shepherd coloring...about 1 1/2 years old, medium size, and described as very happy and exuberant. I take one look at this picture and all I want to do is play fetch and snuggle with her! If you agree, why not check her out at Last Hope Animal Rescue. For more information, check out their website

If you prefer the felines, I got a great one for you. This handsome guy sporting a mostly white coat with a "little bit" of black is Little Bit! Little Bit was rescued from a college campus and has been fostered and socialized which means he is now ready for his forever home! Little Bit is a sweet boy that enjoys being petted and held. Little Bit is estimated to have been born in May 2014 and has all of his medicals completed.  For more information, check out his webpage here!

Folks, our local animal shelters are completely overrun by homeless animals looking for their forever homes. Please remember that for every "healthy" animal you buy at a pet store, chances are their parents remain in cages just slightly larger than their bodies, probably for their entire lives, being forced to breed animals over and over again which are then taken from them and sold to pet stores for the public to buy. Remember, reputable breeders do not sell to pet shops.  By boycotting pet stores, we are putting an end to some of the abuse and making a dent on the ever growing homeless animal population. 

Thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt never shop!

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