Dinosaurs! Over 50 of them – Big and Small

Written by museums  |  17. April 2007

A friend and I just had a fun time at the Dinosaur Walk Museum in Riverhead. While we are both Grandmothers - we were without children as an excuse to wander among the large and ferocious. We had fun anyway. The children we did see were having a great time craning their necks and pretending to be afraid - or questioning their Grandma's about the beasts. Alternating throughout the creatures, are many hands-on activities to capture and engage the kiddies (and some of the 'older' crowd, too). There is dinosaur digging, puzzles to solve, coloring activities, movies and videos. We found the videos a fun way to describe what the critters were, as well as hearing interesting facts about them. Very entertaining - and the children seemed to be paying close attention to the pith-helmeted guide on each video. Surrounding the dinosaurs, are boulders and crags, and painted scenes to make T Rex and Microraptor seem at home. While 'Mic' is only 12 inches tall, T Rex soars up through both floors of the museum. In between are some recognizable prehistoric creatures, as well as some I haven't had the pleasure of meeting - or hearing - before. Along the way we also saw giant sea lizards and large and small flying reptiles. Two theaters continue to add to the history and mystery of the adventure and (don't tell the kids) education. Also available is a fun Q and A sheet that can drive the visit through the two-story site for those older kids who benefit from a challenge. This is a great place for a school trip - museum guides wheel out the hands-on cart for a close-up experience with pre-historic artifacts. Finishing up in the Gift Shop, my friend and I found many items for gift giving, from the squeezable soft guys, through educational toys and games. Dinosaur Walk is open 7 days a week, hosts Birthday Parties, group tours and Corporate Events. Call the museum at 631-369-6556 or visit www.dinowalk.com/ny.

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