Written by Nick Christophers  |  15. April 2010

by Nick Christophers Whether it be within the entertainment industry or sports industry the ever growing presence of Greek individuals is becoming apparent. Examples can be noted with names like Melina Kanakaredes, Louis Mandylor, Chris Chelios, Elias Koteas, Tina Fey and others. Then you look for the younger generation that is beginning to make waves. One such individual hails from the Sopranos state of New Jersey. Her name is Sophia Manolis. She has not only been blessed with Aphrodite looks but a strong creative mind to boot. She has embarked onto the entertainment world with a strong fervor with one clever idea after another. Sophia grew up in a typical strict Greek household with all the typical trimmings. But Sophia was not the type to conform to these typical rules. Her mother who is from Corfu was a nurse and her father from Athens was an owner of various gas stations. The strong work ethic that emanated in the Manolis household was adopted into Sophia s mindset. She went on to study marketing in Rhode Island then two years following that she enrolled in an aesthetic school in Manhattan. Her plan was to open her own spa / salon with the knowledge she acquired from both institutions. Yet that was sidetracked when she was offered better work in the spokes " modeling world which open the door to other possibilities. She began acting and modeling to expand her exposure. With this she began to develop her own type of service called Green Girls Golf. It is a north-east caddy service that has recently mushroomed in to spokes- modeling where the ladies are available for all sorts of events. We host the event at any golf course whether it is in New Jersey or elsewhere on the East Coast. I am planning to expand it to the West Coast and to North and South Carolina. Sophia idea for Green Girls Golf was a vision to have attractive women around the golf course to accommodate the golf places. They can be there to service the players and bring young ladies into that caliber of golfing. The ladies can be there for caddy servicing or any other necessary aspect of the sport. Each other ladies need to be skilled in the sport as a pre-requisite. The other requirement would be the ladies would need proper etiquette. Sophia is the only one that offers this service on the East Coast. Besides the services Sophia prides herself that Green Girls Golf is earth conscience with everything from the recyclable attire to the electrical caddy cars. To see more about G&G Golf go to http://www.greengirlsgolf.com/greengirlsgolf_about.htm . During this innovative idea Sophia did not stop there she soon moved onto another venture. Currently, she has developed and began marketing her own cosmetic line affectionately entitled Sophia. With her already stunning looks she has took that craft and built on it through her line. What makes it so original is that each packaging has Sobarsky crystals. The colors are bright and are actual paint and can be utilized for any situation. Anybody can use this whether it be in theatrical world, movie or for the everyday woman. They are colors that actually stay on you. The cosmetic line is due out and will be sold solely to salons and spas for now. The Sophia packaging comes with its own signature bag and box. The stand is geared to be like a one stop shopping where the customer can receive many services all at once. It is a color line, not an age defying product. Yet we offer many bright colors that are enhanced with pigments in the eye shadows and color palettes and as well as in the shimmers for the body and face. Essentially, Sophia sets up a contract with the salon / spa to service their customers with her products. You can view more details on her line by going to her site http://www.sophiascosmetics.com/Services.html . It is a color line not an age defying product. Yet we offer many bright palates and bright enhanced color to actual pigments of the eye shadows. We have anything from shimmers to tints anything to enhance your color for a night out on the town. Presently, she is working on two projects during the day she is a director at a spa and the other is her true passion, spokes " modeling. In 2009 she won the Playboy Golf and was invited to the Mansion which was excited. She worked the golf outing there and across the country in relation to Playboy Golf. She is always on the go and has done many modeling gigs. When it comes to being a spokesmodel she has appeared at various events like charities for disabled children, orphanages, police benevolent events and even suicide victims for teenagers. All these events have been based in New Jersey with the Green Golf Girls. When it comes to her success she attributes much of it to her upbringing in a solid Greek household. I would say absolutely I owe a lot to my parents and siblings. They were discipline parents but they were strong minded and I believe I inherited that from them. But I also I have my own way I went outside the box which was rare coming from a traditional Greek home. I went to the extreme to learn things my way. Being a third child I didn t want to be restricted to. I can not conform to one structure and like to open myself up to new experiences. I think more Greek men and women should follow that model and then I believe we can be a force in the entertainment industry. Her long term goals are to break every barrier to achieve what she wants. Especially in today s society she wants to be exposed as a positive role model with her own self "made path. Sophia is a woman who has come along way as is due to make a major effect within the sports and modeling industry.

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