Passion is in Fashion

Written by lifecoach  |  13. April 2006

Is your life passion filled? What are you the most passionate about? Are there places and parts of your life where the passion has disappeared? When some people hear the word passion, it conjures up visions of sexual passion. Yet, that is only one small part of what passion is. We have (or don't have) passion for life, passion for certain things that we do, passion for living or just the act of being a very passionate person. What does it really mean to have these kinds of passion? It means you are enthused, dedicated, joyful, committed, excited, revved up. In short, when you do something with passion, live passionately or are passionate about something, you can bet that you are living directly from your heart and soul at those moments. Living deep, living large, living with gusto! Passion can be a sort of gauge, are you living via the go, or living via the soul? If you are living and doing via the soul, the passion will be there. The problem is, so many of us have lost that passion, that joy for life. Why is it that we lose our passion? It could be so many factors, not the least of which are stress, being in a rut, suffering a loss, or a combination of things. We are only human, after all, and being human can really wear you down. If you have lost your passion in any way shape or form, then go easy on yourself, it's a normal part of life, the ebb and flow of energy. Give yourself time to go through whatever it is you are going through. We cannot life in high gear constantly and slowing down to heal or regroup is a natural part of the process we call life. When you are ready to reclaim your passion, here are some steps that can help you along: Acknowledge and thank the reasons or situations that have made you step back from your passion. Sometimes slowing down and taking a step back is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. Instead of looking at your lack of passion as a negative, acknowledge it for coming into your life. If you aren't sure what you are passionate about, take a look at the things that bring you joy-the things that, when you are doing them, you lose all track of time. It becomes a meditation of sorts and time just stands still. That is when you are living in your passion. Try to reclaim the joy of childhood. Adults tend to take themselves much too seriously and this so often suffocates our passion for life. Reclaim a sense of childhood joy and wonder about the world. For example, take a nature walk and make a point to notice the smallest things. Take dancing lessons. Moving your body to music helps you free up stiffness in your body, frees your spirit and brings a lightness to your heart. Get creative! Do something creative and get your hands dirty-mold something with clay, do finger painting, or dig in your garden (no gloves allowed!). Feel your body's connection to whatever you are creating-don't worry about getting dirty-that's what soap and water are for! To clean that stuff up! Forget about what other people think. Most of the time, they are too busy worrying what you think of them. So cut loose, get silly, enjoy yourself and have a good time! Revel in the gift of life...and do it with passion!

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