Networking:The best business tool you can have in your tool box

Written by Networking  |  13. April 2002

Time is any business person's most precious commodity. There never seems to be enough of it. How does one manage a business and grow it at the same time when time is MONEY? The average cost of a sales call is approximately $1250. How many calls does it take to close a deal? Is cold calling an option? Networking is based upon the premise that every serious committed business person has between 200 to 500 business contacts. If you have 20 referral partners that's a large contact, lead, or referral mine of at least 7000 individuals! The possibilities are infinite. Being highly recommended to a prospect gives you greater odds. Closing business by being assisted by a referral partner, as well as being highly recommended will take your "closing" odds over 90%. Now that beats cold calling! Remember that networking is not transactional. An even greater opportunity exists for you to create strategic partnerships, achieving even greater leverage than you can imagine. The financial rewards are magnified and multiplied! Simply put, networking is the most efficient way to generate new business. To be affiliated with a group of like-minded individuals who will generate connections, contacts, information and qualified referrals is what it's all about. Folks you can trust. People you can learn from, and expand your knowledge of the business climate. Simply put, Networking is the best business tool on the planet.

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